#summerfeet SUPER8 by Eric Pierce

Here are the 2 rolls of Super8 film I shot this summer. Had a blast shooting again despite the insane costs of processing. Put to music by Julian Klincewicz, this footage was shot in San Clemente and on the road trip we took in the middle of summer. Thanks for for the fun times, friends.


#summerfeet by Eric Pierce

Hi again,

Its been awhile, but I'm back. We're back, actually. Today was the first day of the new school year & seeing everyone today has been unreal. Of course, the topic of conversation is summer. "My summer was great, how was yours?" These conversations are great, but there is something unique about showing people what you did over summer rather than telling them. Thankfully, we have media outlets that allow us to do that & everyone is great at story telling through that. 

Its easy to say I had an epic summer. I got to travel to places I've never seen, grow as a person, and take photos. Not much else I can ask for. I started this project not because I really like feet,(cause I actually don't at all) but for my friends and I. For the things we saw, did, and experienced. I find myself a lot of the time wanted to tell stories through photos, but rarely am able to. This is my attempt at it this summer. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them. Thanks again to everyone who made this project possible, you know who you are.

For all you Lomans, Summer Feet will be up in the Love Gallery for 2 weeks and this Thursday night (Sep. 2) there will be food & friends so come say hi!

Thanks for hangin!


Urban Steez & Portra 160 - Jazmine Brown by Tom Williams

Loaded the 35mm camera up with some Portra 160 and followed Jazmine around for a couple hours in an area I have been wanting a reason to shoot for a while now... Shooting on film requires less editing to achieve an authentic look, and the colors Portra brings out are sweet. 

It was fun to not be able to see the pictures while shooting, estimating some aspects of metering. Thanks for shooting with us Jazmine. -Tom

Outside Lands 2016 - Cole Beal by Tom Williams

Contributor Cole Beal got a media pass to Outside lands this year. Check out the highlights through his lens... #harambelands2016 #dicksoutforharambe

For more photos see http://colebeal.com/

#kookcats - the roady by Eric Pierce

Last week, Friday to Friday, Tom & I went on a road trip with friends & made stops in Bass Lake, McCall, Idaho, and Yosemite National Park. A lot of driving took place, 2,147 miles in 42 hours to be exact. Too many beans & bread meals for dinner, & too many photos taken to account for, but a week spent in the outdoors with epic people is never short of a good time.

A lot of us attempted to truly capture what we got out of this trip with our cameras, yet these pictures still do not do this past week justice. Here are a few that almost did. Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible, can't wait for the next one.

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Tom Williams - https://www.flickr.com/photos/129112626@N03

Click through to Flickr to view the rest of the photos our friends captured on the road...